Our Technology

We built SmartSimple with flexibility in mind. We wanted to make as system that can accommodate your people, your processes, your information and your communication needs in a changing world regardless of who you are. We also want to ensure that the system can constantly be upgraded but still remains backwards compatible.

It’s been over a decade and we’re still going strong, Today we embrace the technology that supports our core mission of empowering clients to empower their communities. To learn more visit our Wiki

Our History Click on the check marks to discover more about SmartSimple

  • 2002

    SmartSimple Begins!

    Michael Reid and Keith Yau establish SmartSimple through the University of Toronto’s Accelerator Program. The first office is opened in the MaRS Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

  • 2003

    SmartSimple’s First Website

    Step back in time and browse through SmartSimple’s very first website here.

  • 2004

    Tweaking the Site

    Some modifications to the company website were made. Click here to browse through the SmartSimple website, circa 2004

  • 2005

    Going International

    SmartSimple opens its first overseas office in Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2006

    A New Home & A New Website

    SmartSimple moves into its current office building at 111 Peter Street in Toronto, Ontario. The new office coincided with the launch of a new company website. Click here browse through the 2006 version of the SmartSimple website

  • 2008

    First Insurer Client

    Intact becomes SmartSimple’s first client in the insurer market.

  • 2011

    Community Comes First

    SmartSimple hosts its very first Community Conference for all clients and partners.

  • 2012

    Website Redesign

    SmartSimple’s website is redesigned after six years. Click here to view the 2012 version of the website.

  • 2013

    A Bite of the Big Apple

    SmartSimple opens up its first American office – in New York City!

  • 2014

    Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

    SmartSimple expands its Toronto office by 4000 square feet to accommodate rapid company growth.

Our Team

Mike Reid
Chief Operating

Keith Yau
Chief Technical

Joe Briggs
Managing Director

Cameron McLean

Gary Modlin
Director of Business Development

Todd Lapin
Director of Strategic Accounts

Teresa Clarke
Director of Research Solutions