Your Work Life is Made Simple

All the Tools
You Need

Access a fully integrated set of communication and productivity apps at no additional cost, so you can keep your entire community up to date.

Save Time,
Boost Productivity

Some processes need your attention while others need to be automated. You have the power to let SmartSimple know what you want it to take care of, freeing you up to deal with what you need to take care of.

Easy Access to Business Intelligence

SmartSimple can capture a tremendous amount of your data; data you need to make key decisions. This is why all the information captured can be displayed as reports and dashboards in real-time.

Your Information,

SmartSimple is fully integrated to suit your needs, whether it be communication tools, activity and task management tools and contact management tools. This means that everything you need is in one place.

Manage All Your
Contacts With Ease

SmartSimple offers some of the industry’s most robust Contact Relationship Management (CRM). From viewing past activities and creating new engagements, to viewing multiple locations on a map from within the system, what you need is always right where you need it.

Your Processes are Managed Authentically

A Role Based Approach

Create any number of roles and associated permissions so you can control what everyone sees, from interface to information.

Capture Precise Information

Select from over 50 field types and attach them to any object in the system, so you can capture the exact information you need.

Adapt on the Fly

Maybe it’s a new legislation or mandate, maybe it’s a lesson learned, whatever the case may be, SmartSimple is extremely adaptable and can change as you need it to.

Determine Your Processes

What initiates a process? How many statuses and touch points does it have? What do you want to manage and what do you want to automate? SmartSimple is always configured to your process map.

Your Insights Taken to the Next Level

Introducing Janus

Take your processes and insights to the next level by using Janus, SmartSimple’s Machine Learning tool. Janus will learn from your past data and will assist you in making the best decisions going forward. Learn more about Janus.

Your Data Security is Our Top Priority

Need-To-Know Data Access

From system access to password policy and field-level permissions, SmartSimple’s clients control the type of engagement that their stakeholders have with their system. Every interaction can be audited, and with role-based access, nobody can see or change anything they’re not supposed to.

Security Standards

SmartSimple complies with CSAE 3416 standards annually. Our trusted hosting partners comply with SSAE 16 standards. Additionally, SmartSimple is subject to third-party vulnerability testing and is PCI compliant.

Technical and Operational

From employee background checks and office security to server encryption and monitoring, SmartSimple is committed to upholding best practices for security. We work with businesses and organizations that require their relationship with SmartSimple to be based on trust and confidence. As a software provider and adviser, SmartSimple is committed to ensuring our clients have peace of mind.