How We Work With You

We configure and personalize your system to match your organization’s unique and specific needs. Our aim is to leverage our experience and system knowledge to foster a strong partnership with all of our clients.

Our implementation team works hand in hand with you, to ensure that your system fits your business processes. Over the years, we have learned many lessons, and our implementation methodology shows this. From initial requirement gathering to transitioning you over to our support staff, our collaborative approach to implementation means that you are always in the loop. Progress can be seen on demand and you will have multiple channels of communication.

We also know that sooner or later, change is inevitable and with the flexibility of SmartSimple, we ensure that we can easily adapt to whatever changes that need to be done.

Finding the Solution

Gathering Information

SmartSimple gathers all of your requirements (including workflows, business rules, and profile information) to create a system that is truly authentic to your organization.

Statement of Work

We create a Statement of Work (SOW) and then divide the components of your system’s design into work packages and milestones. With this incremental approach, you experience and interact with your system throughout its creation.

Assembling the Project Team

Knowhow and relevant channels of communication are central to a successful project. Each Project Team consists of an Executive Sponsor, a Project Manager, subject matter experts and system specialists. From your end-users, to your executive, marketing, and IT teams, everyone involved in your processes will have the means to communicate to the appropriate contact on our Project Team.


System Creation and Configuration

We configure your system with processes that are authentic to you – there’s no fluff. Additionally, our systems are infinitely scalable, meaning new features and applications can be added at your request.

User Experience

You have diverse communities accessing your system, from internal staff to international third parties. We’re driven to ensure the best possible user experience for everyone. Your system is designed with role based interfaces that are secure and intuitive.


SmartSimple offers several methods of training include on-site training, webinars, user manuals, our official Wiki page, YouTube videos, and the SmartSimple Community Portal.

Data Migration

Begin your new SmartSimple system with all your previous data intact. SmartSimple offers a host of online tools to import your information from previous systems and any common application.


Take your system for a test drive. User acceptance testing is performed by clients to ensure all requirements are met, and all adjustments are made.

Support Services

Community Portal

A portal designed just for your questions and thoughts. Create new tickets, share your feedback, and send messages or Live Chat with our dedicated in-house support team. With the Community Portal, SmartSimple help is right at your fingertips.

Regular Upgrades

Stay current. SmartSimple’s regularly scheduled upgrades keep your system updated with all the latest features and enhancements. Best of all, upgrades are backwards compatible and require no action from users.


Connect, participate, and learn. Sign up for SmartSimple’s informative webinars to enjoy walkthroughs of new features and participate in important discussions related to your communities.

Help Desk

Our help desk, consists of SmartSimple experts that are trained on your system. Our support team is accessible beyond 9-5 and is multi-lingual. We offer support over the phone, through live chat and email.