GMS360° Grants Management System

With GMS360°, you command the entire granting lifecycle for your organization, from applications to post-award activities. See an excerpt from the Idealware "A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Software" report. (See the full report from Idealware)

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Our clients use the system to manage:

  • Grants Management
  • Board Meetings
  • Donor Relations (Community Foundations)
  • Employee Volunteerism and Employee Matching Gifts
  • Programs and Budgets

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Grants Management

  • Interact with internal & external review teams & individuals.
  • Manage relationships & communicate with applicants & stakeholders.
  • Automatically generate approvals, declinations & other branded notifications.
  • Create workflow notifications for reviews & proposals.
  • Enable applicants to submit applications, view history & deadlines in their own personalized portal.

Board Meetings

  • Create board books with a single click.
  • View meeting participants, agenda & all grant applicants to be discussed.
  • Communicate to staff, board members & other donors.
  • Read minutes from past meetings.
  • View real-time reports in a dashboard.

Donor Relations

  • Match donor interests to grants & funding pools.
  • Promote funding opportunities to donors based on their specific interests.
  • Keep track of all donor-related communications, activities & preferences.
  • Enable donors to view funding opportunities & collaborate with foundation staff.
  • Provide avenues for communication amongst donors, grantees & other stakeholders.

Employee Volunteerism

  • Create, review & approve volunteer activities.
  • Easily match an individual’s skill set to volunteer opportunities.
  • Keep employees and stakeholders engaged with news & event invites.
  • Validate employee hours spent at partner events.
  • Manage all volunteer activities & opportunities from a single portal.

Employee Matching Gifts

  • Enable participation of community members via personalized portals.
  • Tailor different causes to specific matching requirements & donation ratios.
  • Save resources by managing correspondence & employee records online.
  • Verify charity type, tax & OFAC status under one system.
  • Automatically calculate corporate contributions based on any requirement.

Programs & Budgets

  • Easily link complex projects to multiple sources of funds.
  • Ensure consistency by sharing common elements across all funding opportunities.
  • Transfer payment records to & from any accounting system.
  • Eliminate the need for offline spreadsheets with convenient online budgeting.
  • Oversee multiple versions of a proposed budget, from original submission to post-approval revision.