CMS360° Case Management System

Insurers and their service providers collaborate using linked versions of SmartSimple. Insurer360° provides the referral features to manage the claim and IME360° provides the case features required to manage the claim as a medical case.

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Our clients use CMS360° to manage:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits
  • Community Care Cases
  • Employment Services
  • Disability Management
  • Structured Settlements

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Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits

  • Manage multiple branches & programs from one system.
  • Enjoy easy & quick integration with HCAI.
  • Automatically generate forms, letters & reminders from the case file.
  • Invoice by company, case, or service.
  • Secure data exchange between IME’s and Insurers

Community Care Cases

  • Manage all treatments & assessments.
  • Enable offline access & provide fillable PDF forms for service providers.
  • Create secure role-based portals for partners, patients & service providers.
  • Automatically generate reminders for all activities.

Employment Services

  • Facilitate career counseling, employment assistance & second career programs.
  • Track applicants, job opportunities, progress reporting, skill matching & workshops.
  • Stay up-to-date with both incoming & closed client files.
  • Generate reports for government funders from within the system.

Disability Management

  • Manage multiple branches & programs from one system.
  • Track disability cases for short & long-term disability employees.
  • Co-ordinate “return to work” activities.
  • Schedule appointments & treatment with internal & external service providers.

Structured Settlements

  • Manage activities with claimants, as well as annuity, life & casualty companies.
  • Track annuity products, amounts, payments, dates & send information to related parties.
  • Determine length of plan, guarantee period, amount invested & more.
  • Stay informed with dynamic updates of impairment ratings across all life companies.